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ME is a platform that allows you to create a personalized digital profile that you can share via link, QR code or physical card.

How does it work?

Follow these steps and start sharing your contact information right away.

Create Profile

Personalize Your Profile

Start Sharing

Share your contact info in seconds.

Yes, we know that sometimes it is not enough to share your contact information with a link, that's why we have created the ME card, with which you can transfer your information in just seconds by QR.

All your information instantly available.

Wherever you are, at any time or place, you will be able to share your information instantly. Having a personalized profile with all your data, which you can customize whenever you want, will make it easier for you to get valuable contacts, among other benefits:

Personalize Your Profile

You will have many options to customize your ME profile. From pre-designed themes, a wide color palette, different fonts, a profile preview and much more. You will have a profile that suits your needs.

Create your ME profile and start connecting with others.

Are you ready to start making a great first impression?

The future is now, you no longer have to read out your phone number.

The future of networking is here!

Register now and get your personalized ME profile and link.

A must-have networking duo

Generating leads in the most effective way is at your fingertips with your ME profile and card. If you don’t have your card yet, you can easily share your information with your link in your profile.